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1512 days ago

The BBC hit job on Justice Kavanaugh continued all day

As I note elsewhere, I celebrate Brett Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court but I’d rather that Donald Trump had nominated someone who is far more conservative. Naturally the BBC, the state funded British broadcaster and purveyor of fake news, which serves as a media hub for elitist metropolitan liberal group-think, took a rather different tone.


1760 days ago

Middle class women celebrate as more working class girls chucked on the dole in the name of feminism and progress

I noted the other day the extraordinary way that those fighting the feminist cause really did not appear to give a stuff about working class girls and women suffering real exploitation, preferring to show masive outrage on behalf of middle class girls suffering far less. Now the feminazi movement moves up a gear and is today celebrating a victory which sees working class girls chucked onto the dole. Hooray, trebles all round in Islington!