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The BBC hit job on Justice Kavanaugh continued all day

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 7 October 2018

As I note elsewhere, I celebrate Brett Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court but I’d rather that Donald Trump had nominated someone who is far more conservative. Naturally the BBC, the state funded British broadcaster and purveyor of fake news, which serves as a media hub for elitist metropolitan liberal group-think, took a rather different tone.

Having reported enthusiastically for a fortnight that the nomination was in trouble even as the holes and inconsistencies in the evidence put forward by accuser Christine Blasey Ford become ever more apparent and as she was shown to be a serial liar, the BBC finally realised late on Friday that the game was up. Natch it failed to apologise for its earlier coverage suggesting that Blasey Ford was purer than the driven snow and that Kavanaugh was a wrong'un at every level. 

But instead it focussed its report on the several thousand assorted snowflakes, man hating feminazis and other sufferers from full blown #TrumpDerangementSyndrome who protested in DC, doing their best to delay or block democracy in action.  Okay 324,996,000 Americans were not protesting but the 4,000 extremists, screaming as loud as they could in DC, spoke for America, according to Britain’s Pravda.

As to the actual proceedings, there was final day admission from the BBC that Kavanaugh would be appointed but with every report this was followed by the words “despite the series of allegations of sexual assault made against him.”

Yes allegations were made. One of the three coming forward to join this circus, claiming Kavanaugh organised gang rapes, had already ‘fessed that she made it up. Accuser two was barely more credible and that left Christine Blasey Ford whose story had changed many times and had more holes in it that a mountain of Swiss Cheese. The FBI had investigated Ford’s fiction and concluded it did not stack up. Yet was the BBC offering any balance in this respect? Of course not. It just showed another placard held up by some work-averse liberal accusing the good Judge of serial sex crimes.

Such has been the unadulterated bias shown by almost the entire British media on this issue that, as I have dared to suggest to folks over the past week, old fashioned idea such as “innocent until proven guilty” or natural justice.” I have been met with almost universal disapproval. It is as if I were suggesting that Hitler had his good points as well as bad, which, for the avoidance of doubt, is not a view that I hold.

It makes me feel that Joshua and I should move to a solid red state well away from the coasts where we might find ourselves among folks who have similar beliefs. I have suggested this to the Mrs but am met with a Paddington stare. She is not convinced of the merits of my idea.

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