go woke go broke

100 days ago

Go Woke Go Broke: a photo from Tesco in Wrexham

I was there last night buying vast amounts of Welsh sparkling water and Wrexham lager for Sharestock. Now look at the beer shelves closely.


206 days ago

Go woke go broke - #BoycottCostaCoffee as another woke corporate glorifies trans mutilation

Maybe there are some folks out there who think young women having their boobs chopped off as part of the trans process is okay. Some will think it insanity. But, I suspect, very few customers of Costa Express will think it is something to be celebrated and have rammed down their throats. But some over-promoted liberal arts graduate in marketing thought it would be a wonderful idea. You wonder why #BoycottCostaCoffee is trending on twitter? The owner of Costa, incidentally, is Coca Cola, not that I will be boycotting coke zero. However…


208 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: go woke go Broke, Greene King & the Women's World Cup and why I am a perma Bushveld bear

I don’t think Greene King (GNK) will go bust for along while but I delight in its woke folly, so typical of big corporates today. Then I discuss Gary’s piece on Bushveld Minerals (BMN) and why I am a perma bear.


214 days ago

Photo Article: go woke go broke: Bud Light and Waterstones (again)

I was in Chester the other day, at the grittier end of town to pick up my lawnmower. The kids and I decided we needed to do a mini shop so went to the local Asda, a rather down at heel place. The highlight was my two-year-old Jaya insisting she wanted to get the 2 litres of milk and carry it. She promptly dropped it and the plastic container broke spreading milk everywhere. The staff were most understanding. Elsewhere I could not help notice what you see below.


223 days ago

Go woke go broke - #BoycottGrind

I am actually a loyal customer of Grind, or rather the Mrs is. She buys its eco-friendly coffee Nespresso style pods for the posh coffeemaker I was given by my co-workers on the occasion of my 40th birthday. However, that was up until yesterday, we will now #BoycottGrind and so will many others as a company that is not in good financial shape commits woke corporate hara-kiri.


256 days ago

Go Woke Go Broke: #BoycottTarget - $8 billion up in smoke

Has nobody learned from the #BoycottBudLight and other fiascos? The latest big American corporate committing harakiri is Target Inc, which is America’s seventh largest retailer. Or it was. As you may know, Lesbian Visibility week is Over and Pride Month is almost upon us, part of the 29.7% of the days appropriated by 2.7% of the population.


319 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Go woke go broke with Dylan Mulvaney, the Nike sports bra and Bud light

I start with the madness of using Dylan – who is the sort of “woman” you might think twice about dating – to promote sports bras or beer. I enter the quagmire of the Corporate Equality Index. Then it is on to the CBI, not asking if it is now fit for purpose but whether it ever was. Finally an ouzo moment as nanosynth (NNN) shares slump HERE but this episode begs massive questions for its advisers and AIM Regulation about how dumb morons were duped.


346 days ago

Oxfam's 92 page suicide note

My father and mother were in Oxford in the 1960s at a time when Sergeant Morse arrived in the City and when Oxfam was set up and they were – like Morse – almost, lifelong supporters. They paid over a monthly direct debit even when they could not afford it and would order Christmas presents from the third world via the Oxfam catalogue. But in his final years I finally persuaded Dad that sending his cash to an organisation which covered up for paedophiles in the field was not a good idea.  We discussed the bloated salaries of the administrative staff in Oxford and how Oxfam was now opining on areas well outside its original remit of fighting famine. He could not argue and one glorious day I answered a begging call for a Tom Winnifrith from the aggressive sales team at Oxfam, and, with the consent of my father, ( also called Tom) told them to bugger off and to stop the direct debit.


357 days ago

#BoycottHershey – go woke go broke on #InternationalWomensDay

One good reason to boycott the America chocolate company and all its teeth rotting products is that it fired workers in the US who refused to take a covid vaccine. But today its International Women’s Day (March 8)  Canadian operation has served up another. Meet Fae Johnstone who has been appointed and paid to be one of its five women ambassadors on this day. Remember this is the socialist, woke hell hole that is Canada. Have you guessed yet?


698 days ago

Corporate President Karey Burke wokes up Disney with bonkers diversity quotas

My mum did not want us watching Disney films. Not because they were dangerous. They were, back in the 1970s, harmless enough but she just thought they were rubbish. It was better for us to read the Jungle Book than to watch the movie with annoying American accents. But these days…meet Karey Burke.


861 days ago

Go woke go broke – John Lewis and the 7 year old transgender boy

Since the start of the scamdemic, John Lewis has shut 16 of its 50 stores. The other 34 face a terribly uncertain future with the company’s über woke chair Sharon White talking about moves into social housing and financial services as the existing operations lost £29 million in the six months to July 31.  So how to ensure your corporate demise is even more rapid?


1188 days ago

Go woke go broke: The British Legion advertises for a "Head of Diversity & Inclusion" at £55,000 per annum - no more poppies for me

I buy a poppy in remembrance of my Great Uncle Francis Cochrane who died while fighting the Germans in North Africa in 1942. I hope my cash helps an ex serviceman or servicewoman in need. But does it?


1218 days ago

Photo Article: Go woke go broke with LGBT Skittles

I am not suggesting that Mars, the owner of the Skittles brand of sweets, is going bust. But I wonder if the woke millenials in its UK marketing department have covered themselves in glory this year.


1256 days ago

Go Woke Go Broke: Rabble Books and Games in Perth kicks Harry Potter into touch

Rabble Books & Games, a bookstore in Perth Australia, has a death wish. It has said that it will not stock any new books by JK Rowling including those written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Folks desperate for a Harry Potter novel can get it as they will be stored under the counter like smuggled cigarettes from Vietnam in your local newsagent. Why would a bookstore take off its shelves one of the world’s best selling authors? This is an act of commercial suicide.


1263 days ago

Go woke go broke: Netflix and its Cuties content for paedophiles

This should not be a left and right issue but, in the culture wars, it now is. Folks are cancelling their Netflix subscriptions in thousands not only in protest over its deal with Prince Harry and his ghastly woke Mrs but, now, because of a new film it produced and screened, Cuties. It tells the tale of young, only just teenage, girls wanting to be “dancers” and the sexualisation of these kids. Them fondling themselves in all regions on stage is, more or less, paedophilia. Netflix is now Nonceflix.


1270 days ago

Go woke go broke - now the Co-Op scores an own goal: #Boycottthecoop

I am afraid that in my village, the only store is a Co-Op and it is an institution worth supporting to ensure we have that facility. But many folks have a choice and I would urge them to boycott the co-op for wishing to impose its views on a free press, in this case the Spectator.


1306 days ago

National Trust – go woke go broke firing 1200 & lying about it: Sir John Winnifrith would be weeping

The lizards who run the National Trust have announced that they are to sack 1200 staff, 13% of the workforce, to save £60 million as part of a £100 million package of cost cuts. Some homes it owns will have to restrict hours going forward. My grandfather, Sir John Winnifrith, was Director General of the NT and will, yet again, be spinning in his grave at the deceit and the inevitability of this outcome after years of folly.