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Go woke go broke: The British Legion advertises for a "Head of Diversity & Inclusion" at £55,000 per annum - no more poppies for me

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 24 November 2020

I buy a poppy in remembrance of my Great Uncle Francis Cochrane who died while fighting the Germans in North Africa in 1942. I hope my cash helps an ex serviceman or servicewoman in need. But does it?

I see that the British Legion is advertising for a new “Head of Diversity and Inclusion”. With annual holidays of 28 days (plus Bank Holidays), the lucky candidate gets to work at home for £55,000 per annum. 

In terms of the British Legion, it should seek to support ALL ex servicemen and servicewomen of whatever colour, gender, sexuality or faith.  The inclusion should simply be universal. The Diversity is a given it supports ALL ex combatants. There is no need to force additional diversity upon anyone.  I want my cash supporting ex servicepeople in need, not going to very well paid Guardian reading virtue signallers. I am sorry but 2020 is the last year I shall be buying a poppy. My charitable giving is down to Woodlarks, Shipston Home Nursing & the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

Is that diverse enough I wonder?

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