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378 days ago

Do we really want to shove up taxes so that a junior doctor can come off strike and buy a million quid home

UK Government borrowings are now at almost 100% of GDP. That should be a sort of ceiling if we do not want to go down the Greek path to bankruptcy. So if the state wants to spend more it must raise taxes which are already at a 70 year high. One group of public sector workers who think they should earn more, paid for by folks who – on a mean average basis – earn far less than them paying more tax, are the junior Shipmans. Meet James who is 28 and explains his financial woes to this week’s Investor’s Chronicle as you can see below.


2530 days ago

Photo Article - Joshua's Christening was today

There will be a couple more photos later in the week but for now just one from what has been a great day. I have been hard at work all weekend cooking for folks last night, baking a birthday cake (more on that later in the week) and preparing for what was a lovely and special day for myself, the Mrs and Joshua - his Christening. Hence there has been little in the way of writing.


2850 days ago

Photo: Drinking my Brexit Winnings from a Junior Doctor - reminds me of an ash tray

When the Mrs and I are away her cousin, Johnny the Junior Doctor, looks after our cat Oakley. Being a greedy junior doctor Johnny is awash with cash and thus, rashly bet me a pint of beer that we would vote against Brexit. Fair dues, Johnny popped by yesterday to pay up. His next gig is going to be in the Shetland Islands and when up there the other day he bought me a bottle of the Northernmost brewed beer in the UK. Valhalla beer tastes like an ash tray but after almost six months off the weed that brought back happy memories.


2893 days ago

Jeremy Hunt for Tory leader - he's avin a bubble

Suddenly Comrade Corbyn's Labour party is in with a slim chance for it appears that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is pitching to be the next Tory leader. Short of appointing Roy Hodgson it is hard to see how the Cons could think of a bigger death wish candidate.


2904 days ago

Photo article: Superstar cat Oakley not wowed by Ronaldo he's waiting for Northern Ireland!

It appears that in our absence, Oakley's cat sitter junior doctor Johnny has done his best to watch TV with the morbidly obese three legged cat. First it was Nigel Farage, Oakley was attentive but naturally he is an "outer" already. 

Then it was the football. 


2973 days ago

How much is your greedy, overpaid GP swindling you out of?

No you can't say that Mr Winnifrith, please remember that all the doctors are saints. Okay GP's earn £100,000 on average and are in the top 1% of wage earners and even the junior greedy bastards, when not on strike, are in the top 21% as they do their apprenticeship but doctors are not in it for the cash. They do it because they are all fecking saints.

As such, please do not mention that a survey published today shows that a good number of NHS surgeries are still getting their mug customers ( sorry patients) to call them on premium rate phone lines costing up to 41p a minute. 

Hmmm Mrs Jones,