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Junior Doctors Strike, the hard data which shows how greedy the bastards are

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 9 March 2016

Once again the middle class kids serving a very well paid apprenticeship before qualifying to join one of the best paid closed shops in Britain, with guaranteed job security, are on strike again. Don't bash the doctors they, are all saints who just care about patients and the NHS say the lefties - if you criticise them who are a fascist who is on ther side of cancer, they add. Of course the hard data says otherwise.

The Junior Doctors serve an apprenticeship for an average of 8 or 9 years starting aged 22-24. So the average junior doctor is in his or her late twenties on an average salary of £35,000. Put another way they are better paid that 79% of the population - source HERE. Compared to their age group peers they are doing even better. And then once you qualify the real gravy train kicks in.

On a 40 hour week the average GP earns £99,980 which puts them in the top couple of percent of UK earners. Consultants earn even more and then they get to retire on a pension (much of it paid for by you and me, the taxpayer) which in its own right puts them in the top few percent of wage earners.

Throughout this period job security is almost guaranteed. Yes Dr Shipman, mortality rates in your practice do seem rather high but just try to do a bit better will you old boy.

The best paid apprentices in Britain told us all that if the Government imposed its new - far too generous - settlement, vast numbers of them would head off to Australia and elsewhere to get a better deal. Oddly they all seem to still be here once again endangering pateients lives as the greedy bastards go on strike and start bleating across the airwaves.

Just look at the hard data. Think about it for a second or two. Reflect that 79% of those who are treated by junior doctors earn less than the pampered middle class apprentices. And then, if you drive past a picket line today, wind down the window and shout out "go back to work you lazy and greedy bastards - think about who pays your wages, its your genuinely poor patients."

It will not make any difference. These pampered and spoilt young people think that they are saints and can do no wrong and that anyone who dares criticise their rapacious greed deserves a one way trip to Mid Staffs.

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