8 days ago

Today's Orwellian Covid Cops are in Avon & Somerset - man fined for eating a kebab in a car

Britain’s Police forces are increasingly drunk on the new lockdown powers they have been given by our airhead, but authoritarian, Home Secretary Priti Patel. My family and I managed to break five of her daft laws today with acts that have seen fines handed out by cops from various forces in recent days, such as sitting on a bench or drinking a cup of coffee, without the Rozzers catching us. But some poor sap from Bristol was not so lucky. His crime is shocking.


1756 days ago

What the £925 kebab for banksters says about the theft of your money and mine

Down at Canary Wharf it seems that some City boy banksters are happy to pay £925 a pop for the UK's most expensive kebab. The Hazev turkish restaurant tries to justify the price by sating that its donner is made from the finest Japanese Wagyu beef, fresh morel mushrooms and 25-year-old Italian vinegar. Whatever. Is it really worth 190 times what you'd pay for a kebab on the back streets of Poplar just a mile up the road? I doubt it. 

So who is buying?


2330 days ago

Quindell Morons Smear Campaign – these people are just so incredibly stupid

I see that on the Bulletin Boards Quindell owning morons have a new smear against me from 2010. It is just a pity that they are so clueless they cannot get their facts right. Our own demented loon of a poster Kebab has happily reposted it here while the guy who sent me a death threat on twitter – James Beckwith has now moved on from bogus restaurant reviews to tweeting the failed smear to me.

Here is Mr Beckwith:

Beckers ‏@Beckers1992