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363 days ago

After another A level fiasco, This useless Government has a cunning plan of which Baldric would be proud

Yesterday I published a chart based on data nobody disputes showing that the percent of kids getting top A level grades had rocketed in the two years in which grades were based on teacher assessment, rather than sitting exams. I reproduce the chart again as it is striking. There are two possible interpretations:


1453 days ago

Just how lazy is your greedy and overpaid GP?

Britain’s best known GP, the late Dr Harold Shipman was no slacker and worked all hours on behalf of the “envy of the world” that is the NHS. But a survey out today shows just how unusual such patient commitment is in Shipman’s profession.


1614 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Before I quit to become a greedy lazy teacher why Malcolm is wrong on IQE

The Mrs plays Radio 4's Today programme to annoy me. Today it was some lazy and greedy lefty teacher bleating on about how overworked and underpaid she was. Try being an entrepreneur  - the folks whose efforts pay your bloated wages - you pampered bitch.  From that I look at IQE (IQE) and why Getafix is wrong with his comments today, Pantheon Resources (PANR), Polemos (PLMO), RM2 (RM2), Andalas (ADL), Katoro (KAT) and Renold (RNO).


1701 days ago

Why were the state schools closed by snow but the public schools not? Step forward lazy teachers

Across the snow bound Midlands it was the same story. In Warwickshire all the fee paying schools were open but all the State schools closed. Why is that?


1788 days ago

The public sector is staffed by lazy, overpaid bastards who lie about pay

My pay has fallen by 14% thanks to austerity says another lardbucket public sector worker. The fake news channels report this as fact and pathetic Mrs May finds another money tree and prepares for public sector pay rises all round. So what if the deficit is £50 billion and going to rise? So what if the National Debt is already the largest Europe and rising? So what if inflation busting pay increases across the public sector will only fuel inflation so pushing up interest rates? Who cares? Well lets start with facts, the inconvenient truths that show how the lazy, overpaid bastards in the public sector who are lying to you about pay.


1848 days ago

Dear Millennials you are useless lazy bastards so ( in a roundabout way) says the Tea House Theatre

The Tea House Theatre in South London is looking for a young office worker (again). Its advert makes it clear that its experiences with the younger generation are not so good. So if you have your 2:2 in media studies from De Montfort University and fancy earning £20,000 in media rather than stacking shelves at Tesco here is the job advert. It's great stuff.


2159 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard: The twit Liam Fox has no real world experience and shows it in spades

Liam Fox MP is in a spot of bother for saying British businessmen are lazy chaps who spend too much time on the golf course. With no real world experience Fox simply does not know how the private sector works or what he is talking about. But in this podcast I point out that he is far from alone. That is no defence, the man is a prize twit. 


2192 days ago

Senior police officers - more greed & laziness paid for by the grateful taxpayer

Luke Johnson penned a great piece in the Sunday Times this weekend making the point that public sector pay rises have not been justoified by any increase in productivity. For instance there are several million fewer kids in secondary schools today than there were in the 1970s. It would be hard to claim that output - in terms of skills in RR&R or other key subjects - has improved yet pay for teachers has gone through the roof.


2225 days ago

My sister says I cannot use the word Quack

I used the word "Quack" in an off the cuff fashion in an email to my siblings to refer to a doctor. My sister is a doctor and says that this is offensive and that I should desist from using the word. It is a jolly good job that, after an exhausting 38 hour week to get into the top 3% of wage earners, she does not have the time and energy to read my work.

I shall stop using the word quack henceforth. Do you think


2351 days ago

Ban Rugby tackles & scrums in schools says the mad Professor Allyson Pollock & 70 Quacks

A lifelong hater of Rugby, Professor Allyson Pollock of Queen Mary College London has gathered together 70 doctors and academics calling for rugby in schools to be played without tackles or scrums, without physical contact. They cite data which the media - notably BBC Radio 4 - is just too lazy to expose as utterly bogus.