1499 days ago

Photo article: It's all over – Tom has crossed the finish line. He did his part, now please would you help?

That’s 33.3 miles in a pandemic. He started at 4.40 AM and finished at 7.10 PM. At the start of lap 44 the heavens opened and for the final lap – as the rain eased – Joshua and Tom’s wfe joined the walk, if only for at a celebratory prosecco. We’re at 98% of the £48,000 needed to save Woodlarks if you include Gift Aid. Your final contributions will make the difference – we need just £750 more. Please be generous here.


1580 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Coronavirus podcast number four- have up to 50% of us caught it already? Not even an expert like Richard North knows

Yesterday I discussed what my late Uncle Christopher Booker, the author of two very relevant works you really should read during the lockdown, , Scared to Death (available here) and GroupThink (available here) would have macde of the pandemic. I am not sure that my Uncle’s long term collaborator Richard North appreciates the irony of his response to that podcast which I discuss here. 


1581 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the Good, the bad and the complete & utter bast*rds, I refer to Mike Ashley

I start with a few minutes on how the Covid 19 pandemic has brought out the good in many people and the very worst in others. I’ve today done another podcast on Coronavirus which I am proud of on my own website HERE. I look at soaring markets and gold and asset bubbles I discuss IQE (IQE), Photo-Me (PHTM) and Ascent Resources (AST)