Tom Winnifrith Coronavirus podcast number four- have up to 50% of us caught it already? Not even an expert like Richard North knows

Tom Winnifrith Wednesday 25 March 2020


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Yesterday I discussed what my late Uncle Christopher Booker, the author of two very relevant works you really should read during the lockdown, , Scared to Death (available here) and GroupThink (available here) would have macde of the pandemic. I am not sure that my Uncle’s long term collaborator Richard North appreciates the irony of his response to that podcast which I discuss here. I consider how, perhaps, one silver lining of this crisis is that mankind starts to appreciate its own powerlessness and perhaps sees more relevance in religion and the merits in following the words of Jesus. I look at a tweet by Mail on Sunday columnist Dan Hodges demonstrating both Group Think (everyone applauds him) but also the sheer ignorance of the media. And then I look at a study from Sunetra Gupta, professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford University suggesting that up to half of us on the UK may have, or have had Covid 19 and discuss that.


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