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2439 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: The Bias of the BBC and pampering of its airhead stars demands not closure but privitization

The tweet below from Nick Robinson should annoy you. The antics of silly Laura Kuenssberg in Washington yesterday should appall you. The wages of Gary Lineker, Graham Norton and Fiona Bruce are nauseating and via the license fee poll tax we, the great unwashed, are paying to make these multi millionaires even richer as they treat our views with scorn and contempt. The fake news pumped out by Emily Maitlis on Donald Trump was a disgrace while her open disdain for his poorer less educated supporters was shocking and failed to give British viewers a balanced impression of what was going on. The Brexit coverage of the BBC was and is shamefully partisan. The only answer is the privitization of the BBC as I explain in this podcast


4105 days ago

Visiting a Greek Post Office – The Dilemma

I had to post certain documents back to London and so was forced to visit my local Post Office. It was even more instructive than the Bus Station visit of a few days ago. I should say that I ran there (one mile) in the burning heat and managed to run half way back. As part of the weight loss campaign I was quite proud of that.

Arriving at the Post Office which serves a small suburb of not a very large town I stumbled in a sweaty wreck. The place is open from 8.30 AM until 2.30 PM five days a week meaning that its staff (in this State owned enterprise) have to put in a back breaking 30 hour week. They are probably paid for 14 months a year and get to retire at 55 but that is not the point. Did I mention how many staff were crammed into this small office? Five. That is one member of staff for every 1.25 customers that I observed during my 20 minute visit – I needed time to catch my breath, have a cigarette etc.


4108 days ago

A visit to a Greek bus station tells you all

Greek buses are privately owned (KTEL) and so are far more efficient than the state owned industries such as the ports and railways that this country will be forced to privatize in order to get more bailouts. But a visit to a bus station today demonstrated just why the medicine the EU wishes to apply (and which ideologically I would apply) will be so unpalatable.