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The Undisguised disdain as the BBC's Emily Maitlis meets Redneck Trump supporters

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 21 July 2016

Emily Maitlis of the BBC is covering the Republican Convention in Cleveland and so for her first report she tried, very briefly, to show balance but then gave up. She knows that Trump supporters are all ignorant common folks from the flyover states who are likely to be racists, because she is an educated affluent liberal. From that standpoint the report was very simple to put together.

First go meet some Trump supporters. How about a "Demolition Derby" meeting where rednecks crash banged up cars into each other. Brilliant. You could hear the disdain as Maitlis informer us that these idiots pronounced it Derby ( to rhyme with HER-BE) as opposed to Derby (to rhyme with BAR-BE). What fucking imbeciles are Americans and especially Republican Americans.

Emily seems to have found it hard to see the appeal of this sport but was delighted to find very few black folk watching and one car decorated with the Southern cross, the old flag of Dixie. Okay it was only one car and in rural Ohio there are very few black folks at all but who cares? These folks at the Derby must all be immigrant hating racists. Emily had made her point.

First up was a fairly articulate Democrat who said what a bad man Trump was. He was interviewed twice. Great... he must have been representative of about 1 % of the crowd but let's show balance and have a Dem as well as a Republican. Next up was a chap who happily admitted on camera he did not know anything about politics but was backing Trump. He, predictably, sounded daft as a brush. So that was balance: clever folks vote Dem and having found the thickest person in the MidWest who was a fan of the Donald we could all see that Trump backers were congenital idiots.

Next off to Cleveland where various of the articulate middle class liberals protesting against Trump outside the Convention were interviewed. Lots of black folks, lots of gays and all explained in an articulate manner why the Donald was a racist, sexist, generally horrible piece of work. Of course these are the sort of professional uber-liberal protesters who would have said pretty much the same about whoever the GOP had picked and who think the sun shines out of the arse of crooked Hillary. But that is not the point. Maitlis had showed you that clever folks think Trump is a ghastly bigot.

A report on how folks in a reasonably balanced state like Ohio view the convention of the GOP thus interviewed four clever liberals who loathe Trump and can explain why he is awful in an articulate manner and one bloke who admits that he is a congenital idiot and is voting for Trump.

One kind of suspects that this is not really representative of how Ohio thinks and how it will vote in the fall. But that is not the point. Maitlis and the liberal elite really do think that clever folks are liberals and that we conservatives are just vile bigoted untermenschen and all reports must reflect not facts or balance but just that simple liberal world view.

Forced to pay for this bias and the bloated salaries of folks such as Ms Maitlis via the regressive poll tax that is the license fee I am naturally once again delighted with the output of Britain's TV Pravda.

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