Sunday February 17, 2019
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BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg a shameful economic illiterate

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- Tom Winnifrith

BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg should surely have a grasp of the very basics of economics but the ghastly Scot is utterly economically illiterate. On the 10 O'Clock News, reviewing the achievements of Call Me Dave she claimed that he had paid off most not all of the deficit. A minute later she clarified that he had paid off two thirds of the deficit. This is so basic her gaffe is embarrassing.

The deficit is the gap between Government Spending and income. That gap has been cut by the Government from c £103 billion in 2010 to an estimated c£55 billion this year although the economic slowdown means that target may be missed. But the year to April 2010 was just after the financial crisis of 2008. In 2005 under, supposedly profligate, Labour the deficit was just £20 billion. But you can't pay back a deficit you can just cut it, not terribly successfully in the Cameron years.

The debt can be paid back but certainly has not been by Dodgy Dave. If you run a deficit your debt increases.

A GCSE economics student would not confuse the debt and the deficit. Laura Kuenssberg really should be ashamed. But I guess a basic grasp of economics is far less important than an unthinking devotion to the liberal left mindset when it comes to applying for Laura's job at the BBC.

That I have to pay a license fee for this crap is more than a little grating.


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