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792 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Mail on Sunday on Nightcap, are these folks on heroin?

I start with the question of who should pay for lockdown via taxes or inflation. Then it is onto an article by Harriet Dennys in the Mail on Sunday on NightCap (NGHT), the AIM baby of Sarah Willingham of Dragon’s Den which could go bust by July. The article is so bad, so full of massive factual errors and so utterly misleading that it is easily the worst piece of financial journalism I’ve seen so far this year. And that includes articles by Zak Mir. Seriously, writing this sort of bollocks does have consequences.


852 days ago

Bring back Maggie - Welsh Tories lose the plot completely

Margaret Thatcher recognised that Government does not create jobs. That is what the private sector does. She recognised that Government money is really the people’s money which when spent would have to be funded by either taxes or debt, i.e. future taxes. That is because she was what we used to call a Conservative.



2566 days ago

5 minutes to kill as a non smoker at Temple Meads, I don't need the Government to help me

As ever the, normally, excellent V cars warns me that booking a cab at 4.20 AM for a 4.47 train is "at my own risk" as I really need to allow 45 minutes to get to Temple Meads from my home in Bristol. As ever I ignore them. The cab is early and we depart at 4.19 AM. By 4.25 AM I am standing outside the station. We got lucky with the lights. Sometimes it takes almost nine minutes.

In the old days this allowed me time for one leisurely fag before the station doors are opened up and I could wander in to buy a ticket and head to platform 3. Or sometimes, as today, platform 7. But as a non smoker of five and a bit weeks this is not a option.

I know what I am thinking about and also know that I should not be thinking of such wicked pleasures. It is not that I actually crave


3396 days ago

MPs taking the piss with an 11% pay hike

After the next election MPs are set to trouser an 11% pay hike to £74,000 – this is taking the piss. There is no reason for it at all. Just think about your own situation.