Photo Article: Guy Fawkes Night in Wrexham, a nation forgets its history & the Mrs thinks I am becoming Peter Hitchens

4 November 19

…off at Banbury and taking the Daventry Road to Byfield, the small Northamptonshire village where my …


The Field Number 3 - Wringing the neck of the vicar

6 February 17

…Above the main field at Butterwell Farm in Byfield was a smaller field. On one side was a … who was called Andrew Bowden after the vicar of Byfield who was a celebrated collector of rare breeds of …


The Field No 8 - Halloween, at last something sweet to eat

2 March 17

…October until November 5th, at Butterwell Farm Byfield provided some greatly appreciated treats. It was …


Uncle Chris, my Godfather, friend and hero: Christopher Booker 1937 to 2019

3 July 19

…man who popped in now and again to see us at Byfield a man who we otherwise saw when he was doing a TV … my lifetime of cat ownership. He was there in Byfield that day in 1976 when Northants won their first …


Why don't we on the right beat up Policewomen?

19 April 16

…exposed to in some way or another in places like Byfield, that village in Northants, and so the ban caused …


The Field No 7 - Rob, Maggie, the horse and caravan

1 March 17

…roof, parked in our field at Butterwell Farm in Byfield. Next to it a horse stood gazing. My mother, a …


Photo article: So what is olive pruning you say?

19 June 16

…seen before. As I prune, I thank the Lord that at Byfield Primary School back in 1973, teachers with a …


My School Report from 1978, not terribly impressive

23 January 16

…they had an edge on me in that my State Primary (Byfield) was a dire hotbed of academic under-achievment. …


Dreaming of Anelion - I feel I must go visit Mike the Vlach, whether he is still alive or not

23 January 17

…ran the busy road from Banbury to Daventry. But Byfield in Northamptonshire had just one pub and it was …


RIP Oakley 2001 to 2018

4 September 18

…by sleeping in the straw of our crib back at Byfield. He lived to a ripe old age, fathering many …