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Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - trying my hand at Ginger Beer making

118 days ago

…An early childhood memory from Butterwell Farm ,was of hearing a series of loud explosions …


Back to the 1970s and Butterwell Farm as the media predicts thousands of deaths from cold this winter

397 days ago

…lived in an old farmhouse with a thatched roof, Butterwell Farm in Byfield Northamptonshire, about which I have …


Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - my ugly carrots would not make Tesco's shelves

746 days ago

…sand boxes as we did not have a freezer back at Butterwell farm. I am on the case as it would be good to have …


Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - starting storing up for the winter with the spinach

773 days ago

…used to do the same with my father and mother at Butterwell Farm when I was his age. It is a battle to …


Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - nettle beer burping

851 days ago

…An early memory from childhood at Butterwell Farm is of the glass bottles in which mum and dad …


Photo Article: Ex Libris Dr Tom Winnifrith No 4 - beat this for an obscure four

869 days ago

…is well thumbed as that is exactly what we did at Butterwell Farm and now what I plan for the Welsh hovel. …


Photo Article: Ex Libris Dr Tom Winnifrith No 2 - beat this for an obscure trilogy

875 days ago

…dippy self-sufficient days at Butterwell Farm. The latter two are self-explanatory. I really …


Photo article from the Welsh Hovel: Almost tearful as I opened the box and smelled the smell

1021 days ago

…was just before Christmas 1975 when Chris came to Butterwell Farm having organised for the best possible present, …


Photo Article: Guy Fawkes Night in Wrexham, a nation forgets its history & the Mrs thinks I am becoming Peter Hitchens

1431 days ago

…and create a huge bonfire in the field at Butterwell Farm. My mother would have made a guy who would be …


Uncle Chris, my Godfather, friend and hero: Christopher Booker 1937 to 2019

1555 days ago

…– rightly banning the goggle box from Butterwell Farm. Later on, after my mother’s death, my …

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