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Spending European cash rescuing ISIS fighters to bring them safely home? Why is this not madness?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 14 October 2016

ITV News had an exclusive report this week on a jail run by one of the nutty Islamofascist groups in Syria that the West backs, which contains 300 captured ISIS fighters. It is a real rainbow sort of place with the captives coming from across Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

We were told that many of the ISIS captives had repented of their sins but still faced the possibility of justice in an Islamofascist court. The only hope for the European fighters was if their countries could persuade the jailors to release them and send them "home." We were told this was happening, something ITV, presumably, thought was good news. Why on earth is it?

These folks headed out to Syria to fight for an organisation that wants to destroy our way of life. That organisation has been committing appalling crimes for years and the Western jihadists must have known all that when heading out East. If they committed crimes in Syria let the Syrians deal with them. Do I care if they get executed? Not a bit of it. Or that they get off lightly and so rot in a hell hole jail for 30 years out East getting gang raped by their fellow inmates? Again I do not care.

In fact such actions would send a clear message to any other would be jihadists in Europe that if they sign up with ISIS there is a real downside risk, you cannot just say sorry and waltz back to the West.
Across the West our Governments run vast deficits. Surely spending money trying to rescue ex ISIS fighters and then on housing them in jails back home really is the sort of thing we can avoid spending cash on?

At every level one despairs at the attitude of our leaders. I am sure that Lily Allen would like to apologise to these ex ISIS fighters on behalf of Europe for what I am writing but I suspect that most folks in Europe are on my side. Or am I missing something here?

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