Friday April 26, 2019
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The Four Words that Made Me the Most hated man in the room

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- Tom Winnifrith

This was the strap on an article posted on LinkedIn. aka facebook for really boring adults. It is a great headline which arouses interest but I really doubt that "I'm an emergency surgeon" was quite the answer you were thinking of as you hit the link. I am sure you could do better. For instance, when with the mad public sector working bunch of lefties who are the friends of my Mrs, I could come up with:

I support Donald Trump

Brexit is excellent news

Oxbridge is a meritocracy

Trickle down cuts poverty

Socialism does not work

Homosexuals over-represented on Corrie

Get a real job

Like xxxx says.  This is where xxxx is Peter Hitchens/Melanie Phillips/Chris Booker/Ann Coulter/Mark Steyn or any other heroes of our age. 

Anthony Weiner to babysit?

You know the list goes on and on and on... bur right now that Trump line can't be bettered. Trust me, I have used it already and it went down a treat.

I really don't think "I'm an emergency surgeon" gets anywhere close.


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