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Why does the left not support a free press if that includes the Daily Mail?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 4 November 2016

#DailyMail is trending on twitter as those on the left, take time of from their crap degrees and pointless public sector jobs to  rant about its coverage of the Brexit debacle of yesterday. The Mail, a loathsome rag, justifiably points out that the referendum promised that if we voted out we would leave. Now it seems as if that might not happen because of what three old men say. The Mail is right, the nation, or at least those who believed what we read on the ballot paper and in democracy, is outraged.

But on the left the Mail is being pillories with folks asking why it cannot be closed down. Close down the paper that brought the killers of Stephen Lawrence to justice? Really? Not everything in the Mail is awful although I concede that much of what is there is pretty dreadful.

But we on the right do not demand that the Guardian be closed down. We disagree with nearly everything it suggests and on grounds of common decency object to the way it branded we Brexiteers as having blood on our hands after the murder of Jo Cox and allowed Polly Toynbee to say she is glad that certain folks have died (Auberon Waugh). We on the right don't like the way the Guardian dodges tax but insists that we little people pay more. But we do not suggest that it be closed down.

In due course if it keeps burning cash as it does market forces will act as the grim reaper for the Guardian but that is another matter. We on the right tend to believe in free speech. The intolerance of the left, as displayed on campuses across the UK on a weekly basis, is truly frightening. When did the left stop supporting a free and diverse press?

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