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The Guardian Front page fisked on Brexit mob - it is just a lie

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 5 November 2016

I am with my father in Shipston and the old fool is still delighting in ordering the awful Guardian newspaper. Indeed it gives the deluded lefty real pleasure in torturing me by reading out articles which even he accepts are complete and utter nonsense. Let's start with today's front page splash: "May told to act to calm Brexit "mob" anger. Hmmm.

The only problem with the headline is that Mrs May was not told that at all. One former Tory (just about) minister Dominic Grieve is quoted as saying "I think there is a danger of a sort of mob psyche developing". Well that is not what the headline says at all. Grieve then goes on to lose all credibility by saying that reading the Brexit coverage in the Mail and Telegraph "started to make one think that one was living in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe."

Mr Grieve I know journalists who live in Mugabe's Zimbabwe. In that land politicians do not merely express their view about what a free press should or should not say - as you and the Guardian do - but they beat up and imprison jounalists for what they write. Your analogy is a silly one that demeans your argument and when politcians start telling the press what they should or should not write it is time to replace those politicians.

As for the Guardian with its made up headlines....nothing surprises me.


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