A Candlelit vigil in Bristol against Donald Trump - shall I go in my #HillaryforPrison T-shirt?

Tom Winnifrith Wednesday 9 November 2016


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Hell's teeth there are some pathetic folks out there who really do not understand this democracy thing at all. Tonight in my home City we are being urged to head along to a Candlelit vigil to protest against Donald Trump. It is being organised by an American ex-pat, who said she wanted to bring Americans living in Bristol – and indeed the whole community – together... this woman sounds truly appalling.

I quote from the local paper

Sara Finning, from California, said she struggled to tell her children the news that a man who boasted about sexually assaulting women had been voted in to the most powerful job in the world.

"Like most people I was worried because the polls were showing it was going to be close, but I was completely shocked when I got up this morning and having to explain to my kids that Donald Trump won was really, really upsetting for me and them," she said.

"His campaign has very much been based on hatred, and if he can't be responsible for his own Twitter account, then how can he be responsible in the most powerful office in the world?" she added. "If he runs the country like he ran his campaign rallies, where people were beaten up and mocked, then America will be a very, very difficult place to live."

The candlelit vigil will aim to bring together shocked Bristolians, whether they are from America originally or not. "I don't have an agenda, I just had this emotional feeling that I needed to do something, something that can bring people together," added Sara, who has lived in Whitehall, Bristol, for ten years.

"I don't hate anyone, I don't even hate Donald Trump, I just want to show that not all Americans are racists, not all support him," she added.


No all Americans are don't say?

I have asked the Mrs if we might head along with me wearing my HillaryforPrison T-shirt? But she says that it is quite cold and at my age I need to be careful.

So instead I shall stay in and delight in watching the uber-liberal propagandists at Channel 4 News squirming as they explain why all of their coverage was so utterly wide of the mark.

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