Friday April 26, 2019
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German Finance Minister wants British cash for ten years after Brexit - surely we can say "fuck off?"

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- Tom Winnifrith

German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble has always been a bit of a bastard. Screwing Greece and causing misery across the Hellenic Republic was the high point of his career. Now he wants to go one step better and screw Britain even after we have left the EU.

Schauble granted an interview to the slavishly pro EU Financial Timesw in which he stated that even after Brexit, the UK would be bound by tax rules that would restrict it from granting incentives to keep investors in the country — and would also face EU budget bills for more than a decade.

Just how will Germany, sorry I meant the EU, enforce its tax bills? Will it send in the collection panzers if we do not pay? Perhaps this humourless creep needs to understand the idea of no taxation without representation.

But will we be alone in trying to leave the Evil Empire? By December 4 Italy could have an anti EU Government. In Austria the next President will almost certainly be the neo-fascist Norbert Hofer who is anti EU and another "outer", the frightful Marine Le Pen, is looking a better and better bet to break the glass ceiling in next year's French Presidential poll.

Schauble and the FT are part of a political/media elite that is taking an almighty kicking across the West. In that vein we should not discourage Wolfgang from speaking out. Every time he does so the "insurgency" grows more popular and the demise of the EU gets one step closer.


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