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Mariana Mazzucato - Sussex University Economics Prof & BBCQT panelist - she is utterly bonkers

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 26 November 2016

Post Trump the BBC tries hard to show it is balanced by having an American on the Question Time panel. Naturally it always chooses a nutso liberal democrat so that he or she can join the other panelists and hand-picked audience of Guardian readers in saying that the victory of Trump reminds them all of Adolf Hitler and is awful. Heaven forbid that Question Time might actually invite on an enthusiastic Trump supporter to represent the 59 million. So this week's token yank was Mariana Mazzucato who actually teaches crazy economics over here at Sussex University. God only help her students.

Asked about Tony Blair making a possible return to front line politics she said that he was not credible because he thought that Labour needed to reach out to wealth creators, that is to say the private sector. You and I might think that Blair is ruled out for rather more serious reasons like lying to parliament about WMD, starting illegal wars, spending the past few years making millions working for Wall Street banksters and murderous dictators, etc, etc.

But not Mariana. That is because she wants us to recognise that the way forward is to accept that it is the public sector that is going to be the creator of wealth. Oh silly me and those other two million folks who risk our capital to set up small businesses to create jobs and generate incomes and profits on which taxes are paid. We are idiots and should just stay in bed. The state can go and create businesses for all. and everyone will be rich and happy just like they were in East Germany. Right on comrade..

To think that our taxes are going to pay the wages of this woman defies belief. Oh silly me. Her filling the minds of young folks with this rubbish is creating wealth, me risking my capital is doing nothing of the sort.

1984 and all's well at Sussex University.

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