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Why is it that morons obsess about my mother's suicide?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 29 December 2016

My mother killed herself in 1976. I did not write about the incident until a couple of years ago when her brother, Christopher Booker, wrote about it in the Daily Mail so pushing me to publish my thoughts. I have photos of mum at home on the wall and there is one of her holding me as a baby. But I'd lie if I said that I thought about her every day or even an awful lot.

But there are some folks who obsess about her - total morons. I noted yesterday that the suicide article was the most read on my website. Why? Because some Bulletin Board moron had linked to it with the insinuation that I was clearly not of sound mind and that is why I did not rate a given share ( Cloudtag PLC) as a buy.

Actually Cloudtag is a sell because it is a fraud. Plenty of other folks whose mothers are still alive or who died of natural causes agree with me. This is just a very silly attempt to play the man not the ball. When folks start playing this card - as they sometimes do as any fraud I have attacked starts to unravel -  I know they are desperate.

Mental health is a serious issue. Even in the 1970s we could not talk about it in an adult manner. we did not talk of the nature of my mother's death for many years. A loathsome - supposed family friend - stopped the church in the village where my mother and her parents are buried - from accepting a window in her memory by Whistler simply because of how my mother died. That window is instead in Salisbury Cathedral.

Suicide and depression is a serious issue. we should all discuss it openly. I have discussed my period of depression, I hide nothing. Those who trivialise it as the moron did yesterday are small people with attitudes that ceased to be acceptable many years ago.

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