Wednesday April 24, 2019
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Turkey bleats about lack of support after Istanbul ISIS outrage -, er I wonder why you fascist hypocrites?

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- Tom Winnifrith

I have just heard another Turkish politician bleating to the BBC about how the West has not been as supportive of his country after the awful terror attack on Istanbul that killed 39, as it was after the terror attacks in, say, Paris. It says this is unfair. No doubt Lily Allan reckons it is racist since she thinks almost everything is racist. But perhaps there are other reasons? Here is an easy multiple choice quiz for you all.

Which country has been the largest purchaser of oil from ISIS?
Which country allowed free movement of fighters into Syria to fight for both Al-Qaeda backing groups and ISIS?
Which country has fought the war on terror in Syria by bombing Kurdish civilians?
Which country has openly backed Al Qaeada supporting fighter in Syria who decapitatate 12 year old boys, throw innocents off tall buildings, use chemical weapons, etc?
Which country has supressed a free press and imprisons dissident journalists and academics?

a) France b) Turkey, c) Ireland d) Estonia?

Well knock me down with a feather. It is a clean sweep for Turkey. And perhaps that explains why we find it a but hard to stand shoulder to shoulder to it when it comes to the war on terror?


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