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Video - Celebrity rants against Donald Trump - when will they realise that we plebs don't care what they say?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 9 January 2017

In the US election campaign the Hollywood and New York Celeb A, B. C, D & E lists lined up to tell Americans to vote for crooked Hillary as a Trump Presidency would be the end of the world. Oddly enough the American people did not listen and The Donald won. Indeed the Republicans also kept control of both the House and the Senate.

Then many of the celebs urged those in the electoral college to ignore the electorate and choose crooked Hillary as President anyway. More delegates defected from the Democracy than from the Republicans and Trump will be the next President.

Now celebs are urging a Republican Congress (not the Congress they told the little people to vote for) to frustrate the democratically elected President. That is because the celebs think they know best. But what should be clear by now (from the Brexit poll as well) is that we the people, the great unwashed, those folks who do have money worries and are not multi millionaires gaining from an asset bubble, really do not give a damn what the celebs think. Indeed I start to detect a bit of a "blowback" against the world if the liberal established media and the celebs by we plebs react against the patronising tosh and fake news with which we are force fed.

I thus bring you this video from  a US conservative outfit which puts the celebs who want Trump blocked formly in their placing using a weapon the high-minded left seems to have forgotten about - humour. Enjoy.

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