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Bristol Against Trump is having a demo today - who'll tell the lefties that things changed in 1776?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 20 January 2017

My wife draws my attention to the Facebook page of Bristol Against Trump which one of her mad left wing public sector working pals supports. BAT is holding a demo against the democratically elected leader of the USA at 5 PM today. Who is going to tell these fucktards that as of 1776 they stopped having any say in how the USA was governed and by whom?

Of course that does not matter. When Mr Trump opines that Brexit is good news for Britain, these same people post on facebook that it is none of his business. But apparently we are all obliged to assemble at 5 PM because who runs the US really is our business.

That is not because the BATty ones are especially worried about US foreign policy. The facebook page makes it clear the four main reasons that Donald Trump is a bad man are in order. "No to racism, no to sexism, no to LGBT hate and no to war."

So what if the outgoing President is the only man to serve two terms with US troops in action for every single day of his office? So what if Trump wants to pull US troops out of foreign lands while as Secretary of State Clinton was the big interventionist. UK lefties do not understand that isolationism means less war for America. Somehow they think that a President who wishes to get along with Russia threatens world peace. Whatever...

And can those demonstrating please explain what in Trump's past as a New York liberal or his platform equates to LGBT hate? No they can not. Or why replacing a President who has seen a record widening of the earnings gap between black and white with one who by bringing jobs back to America will narrow it, is such a disaster? No they can not.

This is a post facts demonstration by folks who simply regard their value set as innately superior to one that might be described as populist. The BATties are almost certainly also Remoaners. Ultimately they just cant' handle democracy, the idea that folks outside the comfortable middle classes might dare to disagree with them.

Anyhow, things have moved on since 1776 and come 5 PM I shall be sitting in front of the TV, wearing my Hillary for Prison T-shirt, and celebrating the choice that America made without taking orders from folks here in the Old World.

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