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Christmas Comes early for Marine Le Pen as rival Fillon exposed for handing $538,000 of taxpayers cash to his Mrs

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 26 January 2017

No doubt those on the Wimmins March on Saturday who are always bleating on about how Hillary Clinton was held back by a "glass ceiling" will be delighted with the early Christmas present for sister Marine Le Pen as she seeks to become France's next President. Hang on: gender was an issue in the US but in the French contest it is politics so the wimmin want Le Pen to lose.(As it happens so do I)

Her present is a revelation that Francois Fillon (the only person who can beat Le Pen) appears to have paid his British Mrs Penny, more than a few pennies do be his assistant. In fact she earned around $538,000 according to newspaper Canard Enchaine which says that it can find no-one at all who saw her doing any work at all for her husband in his capacity as MP for the Sarthe region.

Oh dear. The established political class using taxpayers cash to stick wives on the payroll so enriching their households, quelle surprise. Not.  It used to happen on a widespread scale in the UK which is one of the reasons MPs here are viewed with such contempt. In France it is still par for the course but as most folks see their living standards plunge as the Socialist government runs out of other people's money, such greed will play very badly indeed.

Naturally Mr Fillon says he has done nothing wrong saying "I see that the mudslinging season has started...I won't comment because there is nothing to comment on and I would like to say that I am outraged by the disdain and misogyny in this article."

Quelle surprise. catch a politician with his knickers down and he plays an ism card. This time it is sexism. I am surprised that it is not racism too given that Fillon's Mrs is a rostbif.

But then a spokesman confirmed that Penny had indeed been on the payroll.

Okay Fillon show us her timesheets. Of course the scumbag will not. People like him, at the heart of the political establishment across the West, think they have a right to grow rich with we poor saps, the plebs, picking up the tab. Think Blair, Clinton, all those MPs who got us to to pay for heating their stables, cleaning their Moats or whatever took their fancy. Now think Francois Fillon
I really do not want a fascist like Le Pen winning but she is the anti establishment candidate and Fillon has shown why he is every inch a corrupt political establishment insider. He is rapidly becoming Le Pen's dream opponent in the way that Crooked Hillary was the ideal opponent for Donald Trump. The establishment across Europe must be quaking, EU unfriendly Le Pen can actually win.

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