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Fake Bent Banana News from the BBC's Newsnight on Brexit & farming

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 28 March 2017

The BBC's flagship News programme Newsnight is staffed by the grossly overpaid liberal elite who care about the sort of issues we in the 99% don't give a stuff about and who show an open hostility to Brexit. Impartiality is not the name of the game here. Last night's main feature was on that silly woman who claimed to be a black rights campaigner before - after many years on the liberal civil rights gravy train - she was outed as being er...`100% white.

All that time banging on about how being black had left her victimised and oppressed started to ring a bit hollow. At that point, she claimed that she "identified" as being black. Anyhow she has now got a big wonga book deal so maybe that will go some way to make up for all the hurt she was caused by slavery.

Then it was onto the thrice weekly Brexit bash with a report on farming. Naturally most of the farmers interviewed were those operating the sort of economically unviable farm in places such as the Lake District or Exmoor which cannot exist without mass subsidy. The government has said that it will replace the handouts with UK handouts until 2020 at least. Remember that as we send a NET £350 million a week to the Evil Empire those EU handouts are actually our taxes in the first place.

Natch these folks are worried that the meal ticket for life may be threatened so farmers - Newsnight opined - are demanding many things out of Brexit. Farmers in the Lakes, miners, banksters all demand that profitable industries and those working in them pay more in tax to subsidise unprofitable industries. The blessed Maggie was right about the mines, Brown was wrong about the banks - for capitalism to work, subsidies for unviable enterprises must go. Only one chap at the end was given far too short a time to explain that.

The landscape of the Lakes is an artificial one created by farming. But if the farms are unviable why not let it return to its natural state and let 31 million taxpayers keep a bit more of the money they earn without their employer needing subsidy?

The bias of the reporter was made clear with her throwaway remark about "many a myth" about EU regulations banning bent bananas and other matters. That is a standard line of the pro EU forces: we wicked Brexiteers make up all these myths. And so the BBC reports that charge as fact as part of its fake news service.

In fact the EU did ban bent bananas in the early naughties. In the end the ban was overturned but that the Evil Empire felt that EC Commission Regulation No 2257/94, which stated that bananas must be "free of abnormal curvature" and at least 14 cm in length was a good idea in the first place is worthy of note. Yet the BBC on a regular basis insists that this is all a myth dreamt up by lunatics like Chris Booker and Richard Littlejohn. And so to report bent banana banning as a myth is just common or garden fake news.

And it is fake news from an organisation which is able to pay its staff mouthwatering sums not because it is economically viable but because of a vast taxpayer subsidy. Does that sound familiar in any way?

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