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After Manchester the Politicians and Media elites say hope not hate, carry on as normal but it is all hogwash

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 24 May 2017

As I drove across Southern England yesterday the radio news about the awful terror attack in Manchester kept on coming. It was all so sadly predictable as the politicians and media elite commentators prattled on: "our thoughts are with the victims, we must not let this divide us, hope not hate, light a candle, we are stronger and more united, carry on as normal, no to Islamaphobia, lets not make Muslims the real victims, we will not be broken." We have heard it all before.

Of course the 22 folks who are dead are not stronger and more united. They are dead. They will not carry on as normal. Nor will their families or the many other folks affected. So this carry on as normal is just a lie.
The response of the politicians is to tighten security at key buildings as it was after the Westminster attack. The reality is that those getting more and more protection - the Queen, MPs, the media centres were very safe as before. ISIS seeks to maximise terror by going after we the great unwashed and we won't be getting more armed guards to make us all safe.

As I noted yesterday, the policy of carrying on as normal, clearly has not worked. There are 22 bodies in a morgue in Manchester who can testify to that. The media will not dare to suggest that the popular mood is rather different to that of the candle waving snowflakes who held vigils across the land last night. But I sense that it is.
Most of us surely recognise that carrying on as we have done showing liberal tolerance to one and all and ensuring that jihadists have full civil liberties is about as useful as tweeting a picture of a candle when it comes to making we Brits safer.

Of course our meddling, bombing, illegal wars and misguided interventions in the Middle East have put us in the firing line. We should be angry at the politicians who have created that danger from the war criminal Blair himself down to Cameron and his Syrian gaffe, a blunder Mrs May continues. The politicians have made disastrous calls but they are protected. We the plebs are in the firing line as a result of those bad calls. So lets start "not carrying on as before" by withdrawing from our adventures in the Middle East - not that our forces make much difference - and by putting comrade Blair on trial. Let;s take the moral high ground and see how ISIS reacts?

At the same time, as I suggested yesterday, anyone joining ISIS either online or physically should lose UK citizenship. And that should be retrospective. ISIS claims to be a state. Give all these folks a free charter flight back to Raqqa. There are perhaps 5,000 such folks in the UK today. Our spooks cannot monitor them all. The Manchester bomber was one of them. He got through the net. So will others. Let's make it simple. Send them all to Raqqa and pray that Russian bombs, Iranian tanks or President Assad blows them to smithereens.

How is that for starters on "not carry on on as normal" in a liberal fog waiting for the next time our innocent fellow citizens are butchered? The media was not reporting many folks saying such things  - other than the usual wrnings from the Old Bill about online hate crome and how it will be punished - but I suspect the mood is turning and that more folks feel as I do. And increasingly they will dare to say so.

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