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Happy Birthday to -now five years old: my 20 most read articles on this website

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 31 May 2017

"Congratulations on your anniversary" said a raft of messages from folks I once knew, barely know or don't know at all but who are connected to me on facebook for grown ups, that is to say LinkedIn. Er ....what thought I... what anniversary? 

Apparently this blog started five years ago and I updated my LinkedIn profile 1826 days ago to reflect this. I was no longer on the board of Rivington the company I founded but was ousted from, I was the editor of Tom Well thanks folks it has been a blast. I really should thank Jim Mellon for asset stripping Rivington and reneging on our agreed compromise deal. That and those nasty lawyers letters sent to me (and to my Dad after one of his henchwomen stole data, just the wrong data) to try to stop me working five years ago, gave me a whole new opportunity and a motivation to succeed again. So thanks Jim, without your valiant efforts none of this would have been possible.

Our media operations are very profitable and growing. Jim, remind me how big are your losses on those media ops you asset stripped now? After five years your loss is well over £3 million or are you up to £4 million by now? When ousting me it was said that all that the media operations you asset stripped (which were, at that point, profitable) needed was a change of management. It really is all about management isn't it Jim?

The five years here have been quite fun. I was trying to explain to my sister T, who was pissed off about an article I wrote mentioning her, and who thought I was on sick leave, that writing on this website does not actually make me much in the way of money, but it keeps me relaxed and happy. It kept me just about sane when I was in a bad place five years ago and remains a relief outlet to this day, a place to vent.

At Rivington I was, for several years, gagged, unable to write what I thought. On this blog that has not been an issue. Sure, some folks, including the facist lawyer of a celeb who enjoys unprotected anal sex with folks who are not his husband in pools filled with olive oil while lecturing us all about the good work he does fighting the spread of AIDS, have tried to stop me but so far it has been free speech central. Such are the joys of an overseas server and being your own boss.

Thank you to all who have supported or read this blog as well as to Jim Mellon for giving me this unexpected career opportunity. My most widely read material is financial and appears elsewhere, mainly at ShareProphets but this is my real joy.

This article will be number 11498 to appear on this website but the 20 most read in descending order are:


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  12. The Talking Dog Joke 
  13. Farewell Rivington Street but not
  14. Thought for the Day – Rev John Bell is ghastly
  15. Kay Larsen PR prude at College Group PR, Pornography, Cheryl Cole, sheep shagging and Advanced Computer Software
  16. The Scots cannot have Independence and a blank cheque from England – Can’t they just Fuck Off and Go it 100% alone?
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