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1642 days ago

Happy Birthday to -now five years old: my 20 most read articles on this website

"Congratulations on your anniversary" said a raft of messages from folks I once knew, barely know or don't know at all but who are connected to me on facebook for grown ups, that is to say LinkedIn. Er ....what thought I... what anniversary? 


1708 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Photo Bearcast: Ouzo time as asset strippers crash & burn, MRS scandal and FastForward Joke

Next week may be disrupted by events in Warwick as I discuss at the end of this podcast but I shall be at UK Investor Show come what may and really hope you join me and 3,000 others there - book now for tickets to be sent on Monday HERE. In this podcast I look at Management Resource Solutions (MRS), why its RNS statements just do not add up at all and why I hope for bankruptcy. I also look at the latest news from FastForward (FFWD) which - if you do a bit of digging is a 100% rum and coke. Finally five years after certain folks turned down cash offers for Rivington assets preferring to asset strip them I bring you photos of a Master Investor show hall promising 5,000 attendees but in fact almost empty.  Photo one show c500 folks in the main hall, the stands at the same time are almost empty! Ouzo time for me, a cup of cold sick for the asset strippers. It is hard to resist the temptation to gloat and indeed I found it just too hard. It is ouzo O'clock.


1803 days ago

Rivington goes bust: I blame Tom Winnifrith no er hang on Brexit er no hang on...

Naturally a headline about Rivington going bust grabbed my eye. Rivington was the firm I founded but which went bust two years after I left after all its businesses were asset stripped by others. But natch go ahead and blame me. But this is a different Rivington although no doubt Aiden Earley and the Bulletin Board Morons will also try to pin the demise of Rivington Biscuits on me too.


1874 days ago

15 millionth page impression will be today & I think of Jim Mellon

We humans are fascinated by round numbers. The year 2000 was so much more important than 1999 and sparked, as had the year 1000, all sorts of millennial dread and craziness. When a batsman reaches 100 or 150 or 200 it is deemed so much more important than 99, 101, 151 or 199. That is just the way we are. Thus please allow me a short moment of satisfaction at, I guess, around 11.30 today.


2408 days ago

Video from UK Investor: The Sheriff of AIM on death threats, Rivington, Quindell, fraud and more

This was the session at UK Investor Show I enjoyed the most: Tom Winnifrith as the Sheriff of AIM interviewed by Amanda van Dyke, Nigel Somerville and Malcolm Stacey. Very straight talking on mistakes, on Rivington, on Jim Mellon, on the death threats, on fraud on Quindell and on much more.


2497 days ago

Life’s little ironies…hard not to smile as the excitement at Real Man mounts

When I parted company with t1ps the pathetic wretch put in charge  - Mr Richard “Gollum” Gill  -sent a letter to its then 3000+ subscribers blaming me for everything and saying “new management was turning it around”. That was 30 months ago. At the same time I bought from Rivington – the owner of t1ps – the Real Man Restaurant in an open auction. It was losing £8,000 a month and was viewed as a basket case. 

Wind forward 30 months. T1ps has lost 95% of its readers and was last weekend shut down. So much for the turn around. 

Meanwhile Real Man


2743 days ago

It was 24 months ago last week but looking forward is far more fun!

This morning went down. Uh oh…apologies all round, we forgot to renew the domain name! Apologies for that, we are two years old today. It is a week of anniversaries and look backs. On 18th May I “parted company” with Rivington, the company I founded as an employee. Rivington said that it had issued me a 24 month rolling contract as an advisor to t1ps. That was of course not true and I was on my way.