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Life’s little ironies…hard not to smile as the excitement at Real Man mounts

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 27 January 2015

When I parted company with t1ps the pathetic wretch put in charge  - Mr Richard “Gollum” Gill  -sent a letter to its then 3000+ subscribers blaming me for everything and saying “new management was turning it around”. That was 30 months ago. At the same time I bought from Rivington – the owner of t1ps – the Real Man Restaurant in an open auction. It was losing £8,000 a month and was viewed as a basket case. 

Wind forward 30 months. T1ps has lost 95% of its readers and was last weekend shut down. So much for the turn around. 

Meanwhile Real Man is now profitable. For the first time in years it has enjoyed real capex and staff training and our landlord (Camden Council) loves us as do our customers. And as t1ps is shutting down Real Man will move up a gear with a relaunch and rebrand on Monday. 

For those who left t1ps with me like Darren and Steve there is job security and the “new management feels it has been a job well done. Real Man is humming, the stats tell it all in terms of whose website have the readers, UK Investor Show has three times as many stands booked in as the sad legacy show at the old place and we are happy in the work that we do. We enjoy the joy of free speech in a way that we never did round at the old place. Life is fun.

As for the “new management” at t1ps, having trainwrecked what was once the UK’s most successful share tipping website in less than three years and spent far too much time trying to smear me in a vile manner rather than delivering a decent product: how is the job hunt going Gollum? 

Gloating over.  I trust that the point about “new management” is made.

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