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London Bridge: The BBC gets a mega scoop but goes quiet, it cant offend Moslems ( or drippy white liberals)

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 4 June 2017

A van ploughing into a busy crowds, men getting out to cut throats and stab. Jeepers you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out it is an Islamofascist terror attack but the BBC refused to say as much for painful hour and hour. Indeed it stated repeatedly that it was wrong to speculate. Then came the bombshell. An eyewitness on the phone said the men were shouting "This is for Allah" as they stabbed away.

The BBC presenter moved swiftly on. This was a major scoop - the first reporting of this but it was if the man had just emitted a very large fart or flopped his cock out on camera. The interviewer could not rush quickly enough onto asking about how quickly the emergency services arrived or some such banality and then rapidly wound up the call.

The duty of the BBC is to report news. This was big news. Instead it carried on with more banal comment about how there were separate incidents (there were not) or with recycled footage of folks running away. Out on the wild west of the internet which the BBC so despises, folks had put 2 and 2 together ages ago and got 4. Now the eye witness confirmed that 2+2 really did equal 4. But still the BBC dared not say so. Was it Moslems it dared not offend or the godless drippy white liberals who staff the state funded broadcaster and are its core audience.

This morning it is full of the normal "life must go on", "heroic emergency services" stuff. Pretty soon it will be reporting on fears of a rise in hate crimes and how the real victims are Moslems, calls for Katie Hopkins to be banned from something else, and folks saying Love Trumps Hate and lighting candles. It is all so predictable. But as the state funded broadcaster serves up this shit, out in the real world there is real anger. six more dead people won't be carrying on as normal, their lives won't go on, and the rest of us want change.

Naturally the BBC will not report anyone saying that but will pretend that we are all scurrying off to find a candle to light and tweeting #prayforlondon ( again).

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