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The media & political bubble dwellers lie, smear and dissemble over the DUP Tory deal but do you really care at all?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 26 June 2017

On June 9th the liberal media warned us that those bigoted DUP types from Ulster would want to roll back LGBT and women's rights in return for propping up pathetic Prime Minister May. We Thatcherites dared to dream that the DUP might demand some proper Tory policies like privatizing the BBC or slashing corporation tax as the price for keeping the wretched Conservatives in power. What nonsense. Ulster politics is all about posture and pork barrel and the latter is the more powerful of the two.

Thus the DUP will prop up the May creature in return for an additional £1 billion being poured into the Ulster pork trough during the next two years. The DUP are, it turns out, utterly unprincipled wastrels just like all the other folks at Westminster.

The predictable faux outrage and hypocrisy from the virtua signalling liberal establishment. was loud and instanteous. This is an insult to the LGBT community and sets back gay rights by years. Bollocks. It will make not a jot of difference.

Labour at once accused The Tories of offering a sordid bribe. The tone was almost of an evengelical Victorian preacher warning his flock of the power of Satan and evil. It soon emerged that in both 2010 and 2015 Labour had approached the DUP offering bribes, that is to say more cash for the Ulster pork barrel, in return for Westminster support.

So the attack changed and the fake news liberal press joined in, demanding to know how the wicked Tories could afford half a billion a year. How many nurses could that pay for they shrieked but sadly Diane Abbott was not around to provide the exact answer.

Of course this is all posturing. Thje deficit is more than £50 billion so that extra £500 million spunked on Ulster makes little difference. It is funded by the money tree but so too is £50 billion (100 times as much if Diane is struggling with that sum) of spending on nurses, policeman, hair removal ops for transexuals, foreign aid to fund Ethiopian girl bands and all the other vital ways HMG spends borrowed cash. So it was a sily point but how the politicos and journalists frothed and raged.

Meanwhile I tried to find a letter from the taxman about an overdue bill of a couple of hundred pounds from 2010. I had a couple of meetings about UK Investor Show 2018. I noted how Darren's new waitress at Wedge Issue is a total stunner so much so that when I observed as much to Darren's rather stern and PC Mrs, she actually agreed with me rather than - as would be her wont - giving me a severe frown. I wrote a few articles so delaying my journey back to Bristol, having discovered that the mother-in-law has graciously extended her stay by another night. I had a long chat with a new source to ensure I have a massive scoop on Tuesday which will help pay the bills for a few days. I wondered at the beauty of the English countryside as my train sped back to Bristol and considered some take-aways from my lunch with old friends from New York.

In other words I got on with life. So, I suspect, did you. And we will do the same tomorrow. And the next day. And, God willing, the day after that. For 99.9% of the population the sordid deals, utter hypocrisy and fake posturing of the political and media classes have no impact on our lives at all. We are too busy paying the bills, earning cash to pay our taxes - to support the overpaid scumbags at Westminster - and trying to get on with our nearest and dearest, to give a stuff about whether the DUP is in bed with the Tories or the terms of their coupling and the constitutional implications of all of this nonsense.

In Greece I might not have discovered news that I am told is hugely important for several days. Am I any better off having found about it as it happened? I cannot say that I am.  I really don't care about any of it. Be honest. Do you?

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