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Sally Jones: stay and die in Raqqa or maybe live with Gary Lineker, we don't want you back on Benefits Street UK

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 5 July 2017

In 2013, Sally Jones a, then, 45 year old former punk rocker who has never worked in her whole life moved to Raqqa to join ISIS with her younger husband. happily he was wiped out by a US drone strike but living off his widow's pension Sally, or Umm Hussain al-Britani as she would rather be known, has continued to fight the good fight. Until now.

Her young son was shown on video being taught how to behead infidels. She ranted on line about wanting to behead Christians with a blunt knife and to kill Jews. She and her late lamented husband were shown to have been involved in more than a dozen attempted terror attacks in the West. Working for ISIS in Raqqa she is believed to have recruited dozens of other Western women to the cause, persuading them to also flee to Raqqa.

But now Sally has let it be known that she wants to come "home". By sheer coincidence Raqqa is surrounded by Syrian Government, Russian, Kurdish and Syrian Revel troops. For once they are all united in wanting to wipe out ISIS and as sally is on a US list of persons approved for drone strikes she might just fear for her safety. In the past she bragged on video about wanting to become a suicide bomber but now she seems less keen on the idea of death.

So her preference is to return to the UK and swap her ISIS widows pension for the British benefits system. Natch she is homeless so will need accommodation. I seem to remember the great virtue signallers Gary Lineker and Lily Allen banging on about how we should all take in refugees so how about they take in Sally and maybe give her a bit of part time work looking after their kids so that she does not have to live off benefits? Oddly neither of the great virtue signallers of our time have tweeted such an offer yet.

Whilst Ms Jones, sorry Umm Hussain al-Britani, has a British passport at every level surely we can all agree she has lost all rights to use it. The fact that she has never contributed a cent to the Government in tax having never worked but has spent more than 25 years on benefits is bad enough - this worm is a taker, a 100% drain on society.

But having spent the past four years (or more) working hard for ISIS on plots to murder innocent Brits is worse and surely enough to mean that she cannot return home. We have enough Jew hating, Christian hating, Islamofascist jihadists already in Britain, we don't need any more.

Do I sound terribly heartless in suggesting that news that she has been terminated by one of those risking all to fight ISIS should be seen as rather good news? Generally I wish death on very few people, not even Jeremy Corbyn's pal the IRA butcher Martin McGuinness. But Sally Jones is the sort of person that quite simply makes the world a far nastier place. The planet will gain greatly from her demise. Britain will only lose out by taking the ungrateful, worksjhy, murderous bitch back.

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