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Contacted by a well known Jew Hater who thinks I've got it wrong

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 14 July 2017

Dick Zinnendorf is a well known American Jew Hater. His lies and smears against Marco Rubio were a lowlight of the last election. And it seems he does not like what I write either and has sent "a letter to the editor". That would be me. Nazis like Dick may not believe in free speech but, like the Israeli state, I do so here goes. Dick, may your soul burn in hell and I shall continue to fight against anti-semitism, for the Israeli state and to expose Jew haters like Dick until I drop, however many fascist letters they send me..

Mr. Winnifrith,

I read your blog post, So Who Thinks That The Jews Are Cockroaches?, and was very disappointed by what I read. It is sad to see an Englishman stoop to the defense of the kikes. In fact, you got one thing right, and that is that Jews are cockroaches, and their human anatomy is only a disguise of their true essence. I always held the British in high esteem. The British are a brave and victorious race, and have always been fiercely protective of their women. Imagine my surprise to see an Englishman defend that evil, contemptible race which has robbed the island of its wealth and corrupted its citizens.

Perhaps one day you will be redpilled on the Jewish Question. Until then, one can only hope that Oswald Mosley will be vindicated by history.



Do you think this Nazi mentions Mosley because I am a Brit or because he thinks that mentioning his real hero, Herr Hitler might weaken his case? It makes no odds, Dick is a Nazi and talks rubbish.

PS For those who do not know what redpilled means i shall save you a google search ( as I just had to do one) It is a slang term which refers to a scene in the Matrix where Neo takes the red pill and sees things as they really are.

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