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Trump is mainstream. it is liberal media morons that divide America over Robert Lee - ESPN goes bonkers

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 23 August 2017

I noted a couple of days ago that 70% of Americans agree with Donald Trump line that defiling Confederate War Memorials and statues of General Robert Lee and attacking the cops is awful, being a Neo-Nazi is worse. It is the liberal media, who have no respect for the fallen dead, that are the cause of widespread outrage not POTUS. But now it is game set and march to POTUS and ordinary decent Americans on this debate as ESPN has just scored the own goal of the Century by banning commentator Robert Lee for covering an American football game in Virginia because his name - shared with Confederate General Lee might offend viewers.

The madness of such a move is self evident, even without noting that the sports commentator Robert Lee is of Chinese extraction. Lots of Chinamen have the surname Lee and that has nothing to do with their stance on Dixie.

But in media circles the GroupThink is so strong that a group of supposedly rational human beings actually thought this made sense. Mainstream media has been slow to pick up on this story and slower still to call it out for the nonsense that it is because so many of them actually agree with the thought process behind it. Just as they think that it is okay to desecrate memorials to brave Americans who died in battle alongside their neighbours.

Yet the American people know that ESPN like the rest of the media are out of touch eltitist loons. I pray that President Trump tweets in support of Robert Lee of ESPN today. The rest of the press pack will no doubt accuse him of whipping up yet more trouble thereby making themselves look even more ridiculous.

The metropolitan elites who run media and the Democrat Party have utterly lost the plot. Trump is more and more a shoe-in for 2020 as ordinary Americans realise just how utterly out of touch the alternative is.

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