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The fact that the Guardian and Labour MP Chi Unwurha even have to ask if racism is worse than raping 13 year olds shows the moral bankruptcy of the left

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 9 September 2017

"The grooming of girls in Newcastle is not an issue of race – it’s about misogyny" says Labour MP Chi Onwurha in today's Guardian. She continues "What’s worse, rape or racism? I found myself posing that question after the Operation Sanctuary investigation was finally made public, revealing horrific abuse of girls and vulnerable young women in Newcastle." What follows defies belief.

As you may remember the rapists in Newcastle were nearly all Muslims and all either Asian and Middle East in origin. The victims were all white working class girls. The "racism" to which the Labour MP and the Guardian refers is that of those they deem to be far right because they have stated that there is a problem with mainly Muslim Asian gangs raping young, nearly all, white girls on an industrial scale in Cities across, mainly Northern, England.

But facts are facts. To deny the ethnicity of the victims and also the perpetrators is not going to make what is clearly a problem go away. Indeed it is clear that in Rotherham and elsewhere Police failed to tackle this issue early on precisely because of the ethnicity of those doing the raping, because they feared being branded racists by folks such as Chi Unwurha and thue Guardian.

Yet statements made by some of those convicted suggest that there was a racist element to the crime. One member of the Newcastle gang, Badrul Hussain, had claimed “white women are only good for one thing." And thus his gang raped or assaulted 700 girls nearly all of whom were white. Lord MacDonald a Lib Dem peer and former Director of Public Prosecutions has stated the actions of the Newcastle gang were a "profoundly racist” crime. He added that there was “a major problem in particular communities” of men viewing young white girls as “trash regarded as available for sex”.

Folks like Lord Macdonald and the Labour MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion are hardly neo Nazis seeking to make political capital. They are just decent folks who accept that there is a real problem and want to see the most vulnerable in society, the "white trash" of our inner cities gain basic protection. But for Chi and the Guardian such words are racism which is worse than rape.

That is the moral bankruptcy of the left in Britain today, the abandonment of the traditional working class by a metropolitan elite who actually despise those they are meant to represent. Nothing could be worse than the rape of teenage girls on an industrial scale. Nothing at all and certainly not faux racism. 

Chi says that the Newcastle gang was driven by misogyny. So we are meant to think that the real issue here is with the attitude of men towards women. But is that all me Chi or just some men? If it is all men then your point is just ridiculous since 99.9% of we men are not involved in industrial rape gangs. But if it is just some men involved in such gangs what tends to be the common thread? Or do you not dare to spell it out?

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