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Parson Street Primary in Bristol and the gay penguin family - I really despair

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 24 September 2017

The politically correct BBC here in the South West creamed itself as Parson Green Primary here in Bristol picked up an award for its work to promote LGBT equality. Kids at the school are allowed to wear trousers or skirts whatever their gender, toilets are unisex and the school prides itself on teaching the kids from the start that gay is normal.

Head teacher Jamie Barry told a drooling BBC that pupils needed to "grow up in a culture of acceptance". The award was handed out by a body called Educate and Celebrate which gets stacks of wonga from the BBC's Children in Need and which,according to its CEO Dr Elly Barnes, aims "to eradicate sexism, homophobia and transphobia" and "smash stereotypical views of gender".

Stephanie Akinbulumo, a teacher at Parson Street Primary, told Pravda: "We want pupils to leave with a sense of empowerment that you can do anything, no matter who you are."Stephanie s shown on camera teaching five year olds about a family of penguins with two dads. I am prepared to concede that there are gay penguins (I believe homosexuality is part of nature) but, I hate to break it to Stephanie, Elly Barnes and the BBC but gay male penguins do not have kids. They cannot conceive and there are no LGBT adoption services in the penguin community. Teaching kids about the normality of homosexuality by pretending that two gay animals or indeed men can create life is a lie.

Pointing this out to my PC sister N, I was told that it was important to show that homosexuality was normal at an early age as some of the 400 kids at Parson Street will be gay. I accept that statistically 8 of the 400 will in later life be gay. And maybe some of them will protest as some gay adults do that "they have always known." But I find it hard to believe that at 5 any kid knows about sex or has sexual urges at all. Let alone knowing for sure that they want to engage in same sex relationships when - a few years later - they are physically capable.

The BBC was told by Parson Street's head teacher that kids had to know about same sex relationships as o kids at the school might have same sex parents. Really? Data I have seen suggests that gay couples have adopted c3000 kids since 2006. In which case the chances of there being any kids at your average primary school with gay parents is very small indeed.

My sister N thinks I am just not with it in not wanting my son Joshua exposed to this piffle. I will discuss LGBT issues with him as a parent I do not want his five year old mind confused by gay penguin families at 5 or being told that wearing a skirt is, as a 5 year old boy, normal. Because it quite simply is not.

Luckily we live in a working class/lower middle class district. The young mums at our local primary are either good Catholic Polish speakers, wearers of Muslim headscarves or solid working class folk none of whom will tolerate this sort of nonsense. If it is imposed on us I, for one, will opt for home schooling. It is not the job of The State to teach 5 year olds, who really can't understand the complexities of this matter, lies all about the facts of life.

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