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#WomenBoycottTwitter - it is hard not to sound like a sexist in the face of such silliness

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 13 October 2017

Starting (natch) in the US women are being urged to boycott twitter for a day because it is sexist, oppressive, full of nasty men who want to exploit them like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton, etc. Okay I made that up about Harvey and Bill. Let's not talk about Democrat rapists and just stick to the narrative that Republican men oppress and Democrats all liberate. Natch it is the left which is pushing this boycott. The wonderful Ann Coulter and, almost as wonderful, Laura Ingraham are not taking part.

Perhaps that is because those of us on the right are so tired of being hectored by the left and told that "you can't say that" or "this is settled science you can't argue" and other such calls to shut up and refuse to challenge the fascist liberal orthodoxy that has taken over the media and campuses across the West, that they aren't going to shut up now.

On the right we believe in free speech and are confident that our ideas can survive the forensic scrutiny of debate. On the left there seems a terror of debate, of exposing theories such as marxism, the benefits of multiculturalism or global warming to "inconvenient truths" or facts as they were known before we entered a post fact era. It is no surprise that those on the left are today advocating that women claim victim status and respond with silence.

Next step, let's all go light some fucking candles.

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