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This is now very clear: The real Russia scandals of 2016 are Hillary Clinton's - why will the British Media not report this?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 27 October 2017

The British liberal media are still wiping themselves down having been unable to contain their excitement as crooked Hillary Clinton allowed them to the chance to give fawning interviews as she plugged her Godawful book "What Happened?" As such they seem unable to report the big stories in US politics like Hillary's collusion with the Russians.
Instead we are treated to Jon Snow on Channel 4 and the various BBC libtards telling us that the Republican Party has had enough of Trump as two senior senators line up to attack him. The truth is that Jeff Flake of Arizona an d Bob Corker of Tennessee are the sort of Country club Republicans who backed Romney and McCain enthusiastically but did not really mind that Obama won since they agreed with President Hopey Change on most things.

Realising that they could not win a GOP Primary let alone a Senate race next time around they are quitting ahead of defeat. They are out of tune with their party and out of tune with America. Pathetically Jon Snow stated that losing two senators when the Senate was splay 552-48 for the GOP showed what trouble Trump was in. The fact that Corker and Flake usually side with the Dems but will be replaced by Republicans who really are Republicans is actually a gain for Trump. Either Snow does not understand that point in which case the old fool is useless or he does but is so intent on Trump bashing that he carries on regardless.

All the time that Snow and the BBC jerked off on the parting words of an embittered Flake the real news breaking in Washington was about crooked Hillary. I have already covered the revelations about the vast sums paid by senior Russians close to the Kremlin to the Clinton Foundation at the time the crooked one was Secretary of State. On her watch Russia was allowed to buy up 20% of America's uranium in the Uranium One deal and 10 spies were unmasked and instead of being kept for interrogation in the US were allowed to go home something the CIA really did not want happening. That was bad enough.

Then came the Trump Dossier. This document is the basis for all the claims made against Donald Trump that showed him having links to Russia, colluding with it and being capable olf blackmail by the KGB. This dossier was leaked just months before the poll. Throw in the claim that it was Russia who hacked the DNC and you have a good old story to tell.

Of course Wikileaks has made it clear that the DNC dump did not come from Russia. And after almost a year investigating the Trump dossier it has been found to be either total fantasy or utterly unproven. The shock bombshell this week is the revelation of who paid millions of dollars for Fusion GPS ( a body with very close links to Russia) to compile the dossier. The answer came this week and it is Hillary Clinton.

Senior Dems are rapidly distancing themselves from the crooked one. Paying a company with close links to Russia to make up smears against Trump then leaking it is really very bad indeed. Throw in Uranium One and the Russian spies and the Russia scandal becomes utterly toxic for crooked Hillary. If "lock her up" was said tongue in cheek in 2016 surely it now becomes a very serious option. Like her husband before her she may end up facing a special prosecutor and she won't even have got a cute female intern to go down on her for her pains.

Of course, for the liberal media which has, without any evidence other than Hillary's discredited dossier, been banging on about Trump and Russia for the past year whilst fawning over Hillary this is all a bit embarrassing too. And maybe that explains the silence on this matter of the BBC, the Guardian, C4 and the rest of the fake news wolfpack?

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