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Trump Russia scandal - Manafort charged: pathetic and unrelated, not a glove laid on POTUS

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 30 October 2017

Throughout last week direct evidence of Russian Collusion by Hillary Clinton designed to sway the 2016 election emerged. So useless Special Prosecutor Mueller - a man linked directly to the Clinton/Russia Uranium One scandal - had to do something on the Trump enquiry. Today two men have been arrested. If this is the best that the opponents of Donald Trump can come up with he is in the clear.

Paul Manafort was briefly in charge of the Trump campaign in 2016. Rick Gates works for Manafort. The 12 charges against them are nothing at all to do with that campaign and predate it by up to ten years. They stand accused of massive money laundering and tax fraud involving Ukranian crooks from 2006 onwards. This should have been dealt with by normal Department of Justice officers but so desperate is Mueller to spring some prosecutions on the Trump team that he has gone for this.

Does this justify the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by Federal Authorities investigating the "Trump Dossier" which - as we now know was funded by and leaked by crooked Hillary Clinton? No. But will the liberal media wolfpacks which have been dining on crooked Hillary's dodgy dossier for almost a year admit that? No.

Most Americans can see through that and can see that nothing at all has emerged from the fake dossier to lay a glove on POTUS or his family. On the other hand, if only to show that it is impartial, the FBI and others will not be able to resist mounting pressure to open a formal investigation into Uranium One, the Clinton pork barrel Foundation and the $12 million the crooked one spent on working with senior Russians to create the fake Trump Dossier.

The tide is turning. But do not expect the BBC, Channel 4 and the rest of the establishment media to report that.

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