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Don't Give to #ChildreninNeed - give it to a real charity instead

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 17 November 2017

The loathsome, state funded, fake news producing, BBC will tonight tell you that “all your donation will go to Children in Need.” They will not tell you that "all your donations go to children in need." Do you get the difference? It is c£8 million quid of difference.

According to the June 2015 accounts, spending by Children In Need was more than £62 million but included £4.7 million costs of generating funds, £2.5 million grant-making and policy and £400,000 governance. Just under £55 million went out in grants. An awful lot of the 96 full time staff are earning more than £100,000 a year and all of them are very well paid.

Call me a hypocrite but at my son's nursery the staff have this week been raising money for Children in Need. After paying steep fees it is a bit rich asking for us to dip our hands in our pockets again but there was real moral pressure as they encouraged us to buy tea cakes and as they dressed up in animal costumes pedalling away on an exercise bike. So I gave a couple of quid.

I gave far more to Woodlarks which is not a fashionable charity so does not get a cent from Children in Need even though it helps children who being hugely disables really are in need. And I have asked others to donate too.

The celebs on the BBC tonight who boost their careers with a spot of charity virtue signalling are one reason I find the whole spectacle of Children in Need so nauseating. But it is the fact that so much of the cash given goes to Children in Need not children in need that really makes me angry. If you really want to help Children in Need this Christmas support the Woodlarks grotto campaign where we have raised almost 80% of our £2,500 target since Tuesday, by making a small pledge which will change someone's Christmas HERE.

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