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I'm being censored by some Godless liberals for believing in Christmas

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 27 November 2017

I wrote earlier today about the LinkedIn writers group discussing alternative greetings to "Happy Holidays". I posted my thoughts HERE and put up a similar comment on the LinkedIn Group.Guess what?

There is a snotty remark from the moderator about how posters (i.e me) need to show tolerance and respect diversity. And now my comments need to be moderated before they appear. I am being censored. I fear my days as a member of this group may be numbered.

I respect the right of godless liberals to treat December 25 as a consumerfest. They can do as they wish. I do not respect their denial of fact: that is to say their failure to accept that the reason they get time off work and gifts from their friends is that it is actually Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ. And they need to be aware that denying that fact and saying that the December break has nothing to do with Jesus is a denial of fact and denying facts is offensive enough.

Diversity should also mean respecting that minority of folks who are actually Christians and whitewashing from the record our big annual festival is pretty offensive to me. Almost as offensive as believing that free speech is something that should be selective, something that the Godless left seem quite happy to do.

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