Sunday April 21, 2019
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How the biased BBC defines "retaliation" with respect to Israel

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- Tom Winnifrith

The first footage on the State funded broadcaster Pravda was of Palestinians throwing stones and other missiles at Israeli troops on the West Bank. The Troops responded with tear gas. The voice-over then talked of Israeli retaliation which saw two dead in Gaza after air strikes.

So what actually happened? Well the folks on the West Bank came out onto the streets where they celebrated 9/11 but did nothing last year when Russia recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to chuck stones at Israelis to protest at the US following Russia's lead.

Meanwhile in Gaza, Israeli war planes precision bombed a site where Hamas fighters were sending rockets onto Israeli citizens. One of those rockets had landed on a nursery school. The aim was not to attack military targets in Israel just to kill Jews. So the Israeli air force bombed the site and killed two men who were in fact Hamas fighters engaged in attempted Jew killing. They knocked out a site whose sole purpose was Jew killing.

Linking the West Bank protests to the Israeli air strike was bad enough in that there was no link whatsoever. But then describing Israel's actions as retaliation is just an untruth, pure unadulterated fake news and it is fake news with menace. What Israel did is called self defence.

If someone was sending rockets onto civilian areas in any other country on earth the BBC would describe a targeted strike on those sending the rockets and their launch site as defence. Taking out the rocket launching site will save lives of civilians. But when those sending the rockets are trying to kill Jews the BBC describes it as retaliation.

Why is the life of a kid at a nursery in Israel not something the Jewish state is allowed to protect? Once again the BBC shows itself to be morally bankrupt when it comes to the treatment of the Jewish state. But here in Airstrip One,  if I do not pay a poll tax to fund its work I will be threatened with jail. Wonderful.


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