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Blue Passport Brexit fake news from the Guardian

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 23 December 2017

As of 2019 new British passports will be coloured blue as in the good old days, not EU red. This will not cost £500 million as some remoaners like James Caan claimed. It will not cost a cent. But still the fake news continues with the loathsome Guardian leading the way. Its headline today is "Blue Passports to mean red tape say EU officials" Natch this is just sheer fiction.

Certain EU officials have told the Guardian that once we leave the Evil Empire those of us with British passports may face delays at airports as we leave the EU queues and go into the Rest of the World Queues.  Well if EU countries wish to punish Brits for Brexit by under-staffing the RoW lines I am sure that it will do wonders for the tourist trade in Spain, Italy, Greece etc. In other words while the EU wants to threaten another punishment beating for we naughty Brits, the real casualties will end up being its own citizens.

But that is not the point. The point is that we will be punished for being Brits, the colour of our passport makes no difference. We could stick with EU red or go for a glorious LGBT rainbow to pander to the Guardian and it would make no difference.  In other words the Guardian headline is just pure fake news bollocks.


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