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#Oprah2020 - Bring it On, we deplorables can't wait for someone even better than Hillary

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 9 January 2018

The last tgime longtime Harvey Weinstein apologist Meryl Streep rapturously endorsed someone it was when Roman Polanski - a man who sodomised a 13 year old girl before fleeing the US to escape justice - won an Oscar. Boy that Meryl had great taste. But Meryl's big new endorsement, post the Golden Globes, is of the actress and chat show host Oprah Winfrey to run for US President in 2020 for the Dems. Oh please, as a paid up deplorable, I beg of you make it be true.

Of course the Hollywood millionaires are still convinced that the ordinary Americans, so many of whose views they openly despise and ridicule, listen to every word the luvvies say. Remember how many of them threatened to emigrate if Trump defeated their beloved crooked Hillary in 2016? Of course none did actually move to high tax Canada, they hung around for Trump's tax cuts. But that is another matter.

Like other deplorables I backed Trump because I liked a lot of what he said. But I accepted that as a candidate he had, and has, serious flaws. We conservatives were blessed that the Dems picked the worst candidate they have run since McGovern in 1972 and, quite possibly, ever. For 2020 the GOP will clearly run Trump and so I have been hoping that the Dems would pick a candidate as bad as the crooked one. Surely even she must accept that she cannot run again?

Mad Bernie Sanders seems to be in a spot of bother in a corruption probe that could just see his other half sharing a cell with Huma Abedin so he looks an increasingly long shot so maybe the Dems will go for Oprah. I rather think that her videod remarks about wanting older white voters to die because they grew up in a less racially progressive era might play rather badly with the electorate. However someone sins, wishing death upon them is just vile.

So a Hollywood former apologist for Weinstein turned virtue signaller in chief, a multi-millionaire liberal elitist who wants older white folks to die as soon as possible and is happy to take to the airwaves to air that demonstration of the milk of human kindness: Oprah seems like a perfect candidate for the Dems. Unless Hillary tries her hand again or suggests that the brat Chelsea is next in the dynastic line, in which case I shall pray that they rig the Dem nomination process once more, I shall be backing #Oprah2020 big time.

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