Harriet Harman, the BBC and the rest of the liberal media elite lie about a gender pay gap at Tesco

Tom Winnifrith Friday 9 February 2018


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The veteran Labour equalities campaigner Harriet Harman is at it again. By it I mean lying. She has tweeted: "Women £8 per hour @Tesco . Men £11. The equal pay uprising continues. #tescowomen #bbcwomen. Pay inequality cannot survive exposure."

As I have noted before the idea that we poor folks have to pay more tax to help women already in the top 2% of earners earn even more cash in an industry where wages are in decline (news) is obscene especially when there is very limited evidence that there is a material pay gap based on gender at the BBC. The Tesco case, much promoted by the BBC and the rest of the liberal media, is even more fitting in the post fact era.

The facts are that at Tesco folks working on checkouts (mostly women) get £8 an hour while warehouse staff ( mostly men) get £11 an hour. But a man on the checkout gets £8 an hour and a woman in the warehouse gets £11 and there are plenty of both. This is not about gender inequality but about different jobs attracting different pay. What is so wrong about that?

I understand that being the niece of an Earl and having being educated at uber posh St Pauls, Ms Harman might not be entirely au fait with how the other half live but the fact that different jobs attract different salaries is surely not too difficult a concept for even Ms Harman and the overpaid fake news generators at the BBC to grasp?

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