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Naughty Naughty Krishnan smears the Brexiteers as Jew haters on Channel 4 Fake News

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 11 February 2018

The liberal remoaning elite have spent the past year bleating on about Russian interference in the Brexit referendum. Loons like, person of the people, Carole Cadwalladr of the Guardian and all the folks at Channel 4 fake News have droned on ad nauseam. Sure there were only about 1000 tweets from Russian state related accounts on Brexit but that caused all 17.4 million of us to vote the wrong way. There is no evidence but that will not stop the Russian "exposes".

The remoaners argue, correctly,  that foreign interference in a domestic vote is wrong. Oddly they did not complain when President Obama weighed in to intervene but folks like the Guardian editorial team operate in a post fact world where there is no need to be consistent.

So this week we learned that Hungarian American George Soros has given £700,000 to groups trying to overturn the referendum. Give her dues even the high priestess of barking mad metropolitan elitist remoaning, Gina Miller, says this is wrong. But most in the liberal media thing there is nothing to see here.

Thus, on Channel 4 Fake News, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, found himself interviewing Brexit supporting Richard Tice about the matter. Krishnan went straight for the smear as you can see below noting "There have been allegations of a nasty undertone in that George Soros, who throughout he's life has been attacked in an antisemitic way. That's been denied by various people today but what do you say to this allegation.

What to say? We Brexiteers were onme led by a Jewish businessman, Sir James Goldsmith ( father of arch Brexiteer Zac), back in the days of the Referendum Party. Would Krish like to clarify who exactly has been daft enough to go on the record saying that the objection to Soros money is because of his faith? Krishnan did not elaborate on that matter. Jews gave money to both pro and anti Brexit campaigns in the referendum. This is not about faith it is because Soros is a foreigner trying to get Britain to change a policy voted for by 17.4 million folks who, unlike Soros, have a British passport.

This was not a question from Guru-Murthy it was just a nasty and silly smear. When did you stop beating your wife? Are you sure that some of you lot are not Jew haters?.

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